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Strong adhesive even at cold temperatures. NOTE: It is not possible to order more than 50 bandages at the moment as we are experiencing a shortage of this product. We are hoping by June 2020 our supply will be back to normal. For now please just order the minimum amount you require up to a max of 50. We thank you for your patience


Includes Glue Gun, Glue, Mixing Tips, Blocks, Bandages & Derm Paste.


For effective treatment of Digital Dermatitis.


HealMax II concentrate a 2% footbath solution for whole herd treatment. Directions for use: The concentrate rate of HealMax II is important. Use at a rate of 2% in the footbath solution. Treatment rate is once per day for 6 consecutive days or for 6 milkings. Maintenance rate is once per day for 3 consecutive [...]


Easy to use solutions for digital dermatitis/Mortelarro. Use HealMax Gel as a spray on solution for individual cow treatment. Directions for use: HealMax Gel is sprayed directly onto the hoof area using a hand-held applicator. Apply two/three sprays once on the same day or on consecutive days, Healmax Gel is formulated to cling to the [...]


Bandage Remover - Long handle to remove bandages safely. Ideal for use in milking parlour.