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Lameness in Cows

How to Reduce Lameness in Cows and Cattle

Reducing lameness in cows and cattle is a goal for farmers and hoof care specialists across Ireland, and it’s not as difficult as it might sound. Reducing lameness is fully achievable with a process of early detection and treatment, combined with a new approach to feeding and grazing, and we can help you to attain […]

Primary Causes of Lameness in Irish Cows

Lameness in Irish cattle is both a welfare and a financial issue for farmers, with Teagasc research findings that ‘on average, one in ten dairy cows in Ireland is lame at any one time… with an estimated cost of at least €300 per lameness episode’ (see research here). This means that reducing lameness in your […]

Hoofcare for Cows: The Essential Equipment Guide

Looking after your cow herd is not always easy, especially in unpredictable weather, and having the right equipment will help to take the stress out of the process. Here, we’ll explore the art of hoof care maintenance and take a look at the equipment you need, and we’ll share our top tips, giving you the […]

Why Hoofcare is Important for Cows in Ireland

Caring for cows in Ireland means looking after their hooves and maintaining them to prevent infection and injury, safeguarding your herd and keeping them in excellent health. Cows’ hooves are complex, and it is important to understand their anatomy in order to care for them correctly. The hoof wall is known as the Wall Horn, […]

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