HealMax Foothbath 20L

239.00 (293.97 inc VAT)

Quickly controls the spread of digital dermatitis (mortellaro) without formaldehyde or harsh acids.


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A proven, quick and effective way to treat and prevent outbreaks of digital dermatitis (mortellaro).
One 20L drum treats 1500 cow passes
Very safe to use for the operator, ensure you use the appropriate protective equipment
Starts to heal instantly with results visible after just three days
Hardens the hoof to prevent further injury

HealMax II concentrate a 2% footbath solution for whole herd treatment

Directions for use:

    1. The concentrate rate of HealMax II is important. Use at a rate of 2% in the footbath solution eg. a 200L footbath should be filled with 196L of water and 4L of Healmax.
    2. Treatment rate is once per day for 6 consecutive days or for 6 milkings.
    3. Maintenance rate is once per day for 3 consecutive days.
    4. For best results always use at a 2% solution. During very cold weather increase rate to 2.5%
    5. HealMax II can be used on milking cows, dry cows, heifers and beef animals and has no withdrawal period associated with its use.
    6. Change footbath solution after maximum 300 cow passes