Inspect4 Fixed Hoof Trimming Crate

Hoof care is important to cattle, whether beef or dairy, cow or bull. Lame cattle don’t thrive!

Our Inspect4 hydraulic hoof paring rollover crush allows a single operator to manage hoof paring tasks quickly and safely – it takes the physical work out of paring!.

Inspect4 was designed by farmers for farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians.

The Fixed Rollover Crate is ideal for: 

  • Treating lame cows/bulls
  • Heifer teat sealing
  • Dehorning
  • Castrating
  • Dosing
  • Inserting dry cow tubes/mastitis tubes safely
    (especially robotic milkers not used to being handled regularly)
We invite you to come to see Inspect4's effective and safe animal handling on our dairy farm in Ballynoe, Co. Cork – just contact us to arrange a viewing!

Measurements of the fixed crate

Working position: Length 3.20m x Width 3.25m x Height 2.8m

Click here to download the Fixed Crate measurements information

Testimonial video from farmer Mike Dunne, Inspect4 fixed crate owner

“I use the Inspect4 Crate for teat sealing heifers, easy and safe, fantastic machine, no backache!”
Jerome O’Mahony – Dairy Farmer

“I bought an Inspect4 Fixed Crate 2 years ago, it drastically changed hoof care on my farm from a difficult dangerous job to an easy and safe one. We have large Holstein cows and the Inspect 4 positions them ready for hoof treatment with minimal effort”
John Mills – Dairy Farmer

“I think that the rollover crate is a great job. It allows us to quickly get a look at all 4 feet of the cow at the first sign of lameness. It is the safety aspect of it which really impresses me. We are also able to treat our heifers every year knowing the job is carried out correctly and safely. There has not been 1 case of mastitis in a heifer calving down here since we started teat sealing.”
Conor Moloney – Dairy Farmer

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Fixed Crate

  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • All functions hydraulically operated using levers including front and back gate
  • Comes with its own hydraulic power pack
  • Galvanise finish
  • Takes just 90 seconds from cow entry to turned position with four feet restrained
  • Cows are very comfortable when in the crate
  • Allows the farmer time to find problem and treat accordingly
  • Very safe for both animal and operator
  • Can handle small heifers to large bulls up to 1.2 tonnes

Key Benefits

  • Animals are less stressed – happier customers
  • Less physical work – all hydraulically worked
  • Less strain on operators back – four feet are at waist height
  • Backing gate hydraulically worked to aid animal entry
  • Front feet no longer a problem
  • Feet are securely restrained making it easier to hoof pare, apply bandages, shoes etc.


With the average cost of lame cow being 300 euro. You can own the crate from just 300 euro a month. Finance options available of a down payment of 900 euro and 300 euro a month thereafter. Quick and easily arranged.