DD-Delete White Line

NEW!! DD-Delete White Line Gel – Salicylic Acid & Honey

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Treatment for white line disease, sole ulcers, interdigital overgrowth, interdigital skin inflammation and digital dermatitis (Mortellarro), interdigital overgrowth, interdigital skin inflammation, heel warts, etc
40 – 60 Applications per tube
(Gun not included)

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DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® is a hoof gel treatment used for hoof diseases such as white line disease, sole ulcers, interdigital overgrowth, interdigital skin inflammation and digital dermatitis (Mortellaro) etc.
The use of honey which acts as a biological wound dressing in this product allows for the salicylic to stay on the problem area long after the bandage is removed due to it’s sticky clingy consistency.

Composition: Salicylic acid, water, acacia honey and glycerol. Easy to apply with a dispenser.

 For the best possible results, DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® is applied on the possible problem zones. Then wrapped with a dressing / bandage which should be removed after 4-5 days.

In addition, this product has a fresh odour. DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® is easy and accurately applied with a dispensing gun. It is recommended to wear protective gloves during application.

Why clients choose CowCare DD-DELETE WHITE LINE®:

  1. Natural product, based on honey. Honey acts as a biological wound dressing, which means it has a positive impact on the wound healing environment and the healing process.
  2. Honey combined with the salicylic acid ensures fast re-growth of the affected claw wall.
  3. Due to the sticky honey, it will stay on well.
  4. It keeps working after removing the bandage.
  5. No antibiotics in. Consist of natural composition.
  6. The kit cartridge makes dispersion easy and precise.
  7. Precise use with dispersion gun, no wasting product as it can happen with other products, for example with powder.
  8. No smell of tar, important for those who do not like that smell.
  9. Stays smooth after opening the tube.

Product features at a glance

  • 40 – 60 applications per tube
  • Easy to use
  • Used with a dispenser – CowCare Dispensing Gun for 360g/300ml kit cartridge
  • Used in dealing with claw health
  • Tube: 300 ml
  • Composition: Salicylic acid, water, acacia honey and glycerol

Instructions for use

Trim the claws if needed. Carefully clean the area, using absorbent paper or single-use cloth. Use CowCare DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® in a warm room. Apply DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® to the area being taken care off and, if needed, protect the area with a bandage for 4-5 days. Repeat if needed.