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What our customers think of their Rollover Crates

“What I like about the crate is, how quick and easy it is to set up. The animals load easily, are relaxed on their side and I’m at  perfect height to work on them. For teat sealing it’s a super job, operator and heifers are safe. A well designed efficient machine.”

Michael Montgomery – Professional Hoof Trimmer

“The Inspect4 Rollover Crate is both cow and trimmer friendly. It’s easy to load cows into it and feet are well presented for trimming. The selection of shoes, glue, bandages and derm paste at HoofCareDirect work for me to get good results when treating lame cows.”Chris Murphy – Professional Hoof Trimmer

“The Inspect4 Rollover Crate takes the hardship out of trimming for man and beast. The customer is happy seeing cows/bulls trimmed in such comfort. Super knives, wouldn’t use any other.”
Martin Murphy – Professional Hoof Trimmer

“The only way to handle cattle in the 21st century. Whether it’s for hoof trimming or teat sealing it’s the safest system for both animal and operator. Great attention to detail in the design, no stone was left unturned.”Eoin Ryan – Professional Hoof Trimmer

“I would like to thank Maeve for the opportunity to use her new rollover crate. Having used a rollover crate myself for the last year and a half I already knew this method is far more efficient, safer and less stressful.”
Ger Collins – Professional Hoof Trimmer

Customers who are happy with HoofCare Direct


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