Inspect 4 Glue 200ml – Hoof Block Adhesive

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Quick-drying two-component adhesive to attach rubber or wooden blocks to the claw.


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Quick-drying two-component Hoof Block Adhesive to attach rubber or wooden blocks to the claw. Thanks to the unique polyurethane adhesive, this cow hoof block glue dries very quickly.

The Inspect 4 Glue has a short curing time of approx. 30 seconds, so the claw can be loaded again very quickly.
The block remains on the claw for 3-4 weeks when used properly.
To achieve even success, store the adhesive at room temperature.

Please note – one tube of glue on average applies 8 blocks. One mixing tip is required for each block.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Place the glue cartridge into the applicator gun.
  2. Unscew the round cap and remove the green insert.
  3. Insert the mixing tip and screw the round cap back on.
  4. For best results heat the block and the hoof before applying the glue using a heat gun or blow torch.
  5. Apply the needed quantity of glue onto the block or hoof.
  6. You only have 10-12 seconds to press the block on to a well prepared digit before adhesive starts to set (the warmer it gets the less time you will have until the glue starts reacting.
  7. Hold the block in place for a few seconds.
  8. The hoof can be released when the temperature of the glue has cooled down (1-2 minutes when it is warm and 3-5 minutes at colder temperatures).

“I have never come across anything like the Inspect 4 Glue, it is excellent quality”
Sean Crean, Farmer Co. Cork.

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