Crate Leases

A Fantastic and Exciting Opportunity Coming Soon to Lease one of our Crates

We are currently offering Hoof Trimmers an opportunity to Lease our crates from as little as 3 euro a turn plus deposit. Where you will be able to offer two key services using our rollover crates:

– Professional Hoof Trimming Service
– Heifer Teat Sealing Service

Interested parties should contact us on 087 9539581 to discuss further details


Every cow is electronically recorded

Inspect4x hoof trimming service

The farmer receives a detailed report in the post or by email on each cow treated:

Inspect4x hoof trimming service
Inspect4x hoof trimming service
Inspect4x hoof trimming service

Hoof Trimming

Professional service using our Inspect4 Rollover Crates

  • All four feet are inspected/treated
  • Animals are less stressed in the roll over crate
  • Every animal is recorded and the farmer receives a report
  • The crate is power washed and disinfected before entering a farm
  • We can handle large bulls
CALL US TODAY ON 087 9539581

Heifer Teat Sealing

Your heifers are the future of your herd and you have invested considerable time and money before they even enter the milking herd.

The quickest way to devaluate this investment is calving down with mastitis which often leaves heifers with light quarters and are more likely to be culled early.

You can reduce heifer mastitis by approximately 70% through using teat seal 4-6 weeks pre calving. (Report for DairyNZ and SFF, June 2009)

Inspect 4 have been teat sealing heifers with the past two years and found excellent results with farmers reducing heifer mastitis. Any farmer who has used us in the past have booked in for the following year and (neighbouring farmers/other farmers in the same discussion groups) of theirs have booked in for the service too.

If you have a problem with heifers calving down with mastitis book us today. It is a very busy time with a short window 6 weeks before calving so it is important to book in early. Call 085 8622519 to book in your heifers.

  • The heifer will be safely restrained in the roll over crate.
  • Each teat will be cleaned and sanitised properly.
  • Teat sealer is inserted into the teat canal safely with no fear of dirt getting in.